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How it works:

1. Book and pay for a stay at the Dream of Africa Bush Lodge before lockdown ends and receive 40% off your stay. You will be issued with a voucher (for the number of nights you have booked) and can redeem your stay up until November 2021

2. There are two room options to select from (Deluxe or Standard) and three catering options for each room type (self catering, bed & breakfast and dinner, bed & breakfast

3. Vouchers can be redeemed at any point before November 2021 based on availability of the rooms.

4. Vouchers are only redeemable for the length of stay as indicated on the voucher issued. Vouchers can be used in stages but any additional days will be charged at the full rate.

5. Vouchers can be bought on behalf of someone else as gifts. Once a voucher is redeemed it is no longer valid.

6. Bookings made using vouchers will follow the same cancellation process as normal bookings. You do not have to book your stay immediately when purchasing a voucher. This can be done anytime between purchasing the voucher and November 2021.

Voucher Cost:

Voucher Rates.jpg

Use our contact page below to inquire about our vouchers today!

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