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A 2nd Lion Kill

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Two days later we woke up to a Carnivore warning that had been posted.

The warning is to make all walks and bicycle riders aware that there are lions in Matloth park.

We decided to go on our morning walk. Half way down the road we were stopped by a passer by in a car, wanting to know if we were aware of the warning.

Apparently there were 6 lions, 3 adult females and 3 cubs who had made a 2nd kill in the bush just behind the 1425 board.

On our return home we went past the kill, saw lost of spoor and the remains of the kill but no lions to be seen.

It reminds me of a sign on a rock in Etosha national park in Namibia which says:

” More lions see you than you see them”

It is amazing how quite they are (no one appears to have heard either kill) and how well they stay hidden from us humans.

Will have to wait and see where they pop up next.


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