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Discovering a Lion kill

Our day started like most days at 6am. We enjoyed our early morning tea and coffee with rusks overlooking the dam.

We departed on our early morning bush walk with our guests at 6.30. We have a short 3km walk that is a round trip down to the river (Crocodile River) bordering the Kruger National Park.

We usually see a number of animals on our walks from Impala, Warthog, Kudzu, Zebra and Giraffe to name a few.

About half way through our walk we spotted Lion spoor on the path. There had a been a few Lions through the park that night as the spoor were not there on our evening walk.

We tracked the spoor trying to puzzle the events that unfolded the night before but lost them in the bush. Lions often come across the fence during the evening and then return to The Kruger National Park during the day.

Not too phased we continued on our walk through the bush and enjoyed the Fish Eagles and sunrise over the park. On our return we got a strong smell of what could only be an animal carcass drifting in the wind.

We assumed it must have been a fresh kill by the Lions who left the spoor we discovered. We resumed our tracking and stumbled across an Ostrich carcass that had been the victim of the Lions hunt.

You never know what you are going to see on these Bush walks and this was an exciting find.

Be sure to book your morning or sunset Bush walk when staying at the Dream of Africa Bush Lodge.

Until our next adventure or you join us.

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